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Lawyer, young stylist and brilliant entrepreneur with a passion for fashion, she inherits the great tradition in the world of weddings from her important family. The name Celiento, in fact, has always represented Campania's excellence in the wedding favor sector.

Daughter and granddaughter of great women, mothers and entrepreneurs in the sector, she was nourished by these atmospheres, by the great energy and shining example of these important female figures who passed on to her the love for family and the passion for work, doing of her as the great woman and professional of today.


Maria Laurenza, in fact, could not resist the call of the wedding world and, after legal training, the Life & Business Coaching masters in the USA and a fruitful career as a consultant in public and institutional communication, she followed her great passion for wedding dress, to which however she wanted to give a unique style, which encompassed the best of different international cultures. A passion that led her to travel for years around the world, in search of unknown trends, fabrics, styles and flavors and to identify, for her creations, the potential of new foreign markets.

Dubai, New York, the East, the most prestigious fashion and bridal catwalks in Europe, such as Milan, Moscow, Madrid and Barcelona. From every trip, from every fashion show, Maria Laurenza has been able to bring with her a suggestion, a memory, a particular fabric, an original decoration, elements that create her current and cosmopolitan stylistic signature, which embodies a world of emotions and experiences acquired in many travels.
In a short time, your collections have established themselves with explosive force in the Italian bridal fashion panorama, fully expressing your international style, capable of enhancing the great personalities of great women who recognize themselves in the cultural and stylistic values ​​that you manage to convey through his creations.

In the process of creating clothes, we must obviously not neglect the tailoring, which inherits a unique artisan tradition. An internal style office that follows the creation of the dress from design to modeling, up to the finishing and personalization of the same, are the further quality elements capable of providing the masterpieces designed by Maria Laurenza with that charm of Italian Style so appreciated in the world.

In 2018, after the countless successes of his fashion shows on the most important audiences and for the most prestigious audiences, he decided to set off to conquer the Capital, where he opened his second Atelier, the first in Rome, destined to become a point of reference for the Capitoline fashion, with its bright, elegant and refined spaces, a precious treasure chest for its unique creations which speak of its strong personal, cultural and communicative energy.

Wedding and evening dresses that represent, with unique elegance, her incomparable style, an authentic hymn to the joy of living, to the energy, to the positive emotions that make life a wonderful journey.